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Thread: Can good domain name overcome ungood extension?

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    Can good domain name overcome ungood extension?

    For my son's wedding photo business, I purchase "herecomesthebride" a couple years ago. My son refuses to use it because its extension is .info, not .com. I agree .com is better but it's not available. I think the perfectness of the domain name more than outweighs the uncommon extension. Your opinion?

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    info is newer than com, so that's probably the reason why the name is still free.

    afaik info domains are mostly used for spam stuff (a large number of spam mails redirects to info domains).
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    Hey TwoFiveOh,

    While .com is still the most widely known and accepted extension, newer extensions have been gaining in registrations and legitimacy for some time. The Domain Name Journal recently wrote about .info names selling for up to $10,000, and I see prominent ads with non-.com extensions every day in NYC.

    The most important thing is having a name you like, that describes your business and your brand, one you can grow with. It takes time and money to imbue a nonsense .com with an identity, but with herecomesthebride.info, you've got it built in. My only complaint is that as domains go, it's a bit long.

    If you're interested in more information, my company, DomainsBot just released two studies on how things like keyword length, part of speech, and extension affect the value of a domain name. However, it sounds like you're not looking to sell the name, but to make it part of a business. Good luck to you and your son!

    - rebecca
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    Extensions in fact are not important for personal sites.
    .com is for commercial sites. Maybe .net can be a right choice for you.

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