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Thread: where to buy a domain?

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    Oct 2004
    I haven't seen any mention of the following domain registration sites:

    ipower.com will register .com, .biz, .info, .net, .org, .us for US$5.50/year. This is charge to register and park domain until you find your own web hosting. Alternatively, domain registration is free if you sign up for 1 or more years of web hosting. (Or registration is US$20 with web hosting packages of less than one year --- go figure.)

    In Canada, lowcostdomains.ca registers .ca domains for CDN$17.45 per year. This is a self serve registration service. (Can't go much less than this since the .ca regulatory body www.CIRA.ca charges registration companies CDN$15 per year.)

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    Jul 2004
    Reading, UK.
    I've been using 123-reg in the UK for a few years now. They seem to be very cheap for most of the domains that are out there, give easy web forwarding (framed or unframed with meta tags), up to 1000 email forwarding addresses per domain, don't charge you a release fee if you're going to move it elsewhere, and do hosting too at pretty reasonable rates!

    I used Easily for a while, but preferred what they were doing with 123-reg so moved my 60 odd domains across!.
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    Oct 2004
    I guess this thread is doing more than just "where to buy a domain?"... we seem to be getting into web hosting features as well.

    iPower.com offers the following features with their base package at US7.95/month (1 year plan) or US$6.95/month (2 year plan):

    Disk Space: 1000 mb (that's not a typo)
    Monthly Bandwidth: 40 gb
    Free Domain Registration for .com, .biz, .org, .net, .us, .info
    (or register elsewhere as I did with .ca)
    And a lot of other features including 500 POP and webmail email accounts, unlimited forwarding...

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    Oct 2004

    Cool cheap registration

    ev1servers.net is only $6.49 usd plus tax
    whats in a name ...www.mailhorse.com
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    Nov 2004

    check out my sig

    untill i get my own domains-4-u thing set up sometime next week I use


    $7.85 per domain .com
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    BritDad (Just Add dot com!)
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    Nov 2004

    You can sell domain names too


    You can sell domain names with the same technology that GoDaddy uses. You can set your own prices too. It's only $89/yr. They also let you sell hosting packages, email accounts, ssl certs, merchant accounts and more.

    I just started using them: http://deaneis2.hottestreseller.com

    Even if you don't want to sell then you can use this service to buy domain names and products at wholesale rates below GoDaddys prices.

    Its pretty cool.
    - andy
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    Nov 2004

    thats exactly the same thing as domains-4-u will be next week and devlishdomains is n

    Guess a few people are getting into the same thing exactly!
    BritDad (Just Add dot com!)
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    Sep 2004
    I have a resellers site that sells domain names heres the URL http://www.duoservers.com/?r=falconis
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    Nov 2004

    my domains wil be

    $7.88 p m US +25c ICAAN reg

    or £4.25 p m UK +13p ICAAN reg

    reseller $89.95 p y US Dollars

    thats for .com domains

    will be up and runing next week

    www.domains-4-u.com there is a link to get domain nmaes for $7.85 untill i am online properly next week
    Last edited by Promptracer; 11-07-2004 at 01:09 PM.
    BritDad (Just Add dot com!)
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    Dec 2002
    Manchester, UK
    While I appreciate that these are all helpful posts, they are verging on advertising. I have closed the thread because I think that there is more than enough material here to help anybody who wants to know where to buy a domain.
    Every fight is a food fight when you’re a cannibal.
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    Dec 2005

    never do bussines with gkg.net

    I've renewed my domain name with them and suddenly They locked the name!
    Why?becouse they thought(!) it was a stolen credit card.

    After they find out they were wrong -they said : a simple misunderstaning happened-they just asked me $15 more for putting it back into good state!

    I paid the price and everything seemd to be normal for one day but
    I -just for curiosity- filled a complain with bbb.org about this matter.

    And now becouse of that complain they send me an email that we didnt recieved your previous permission our email has changed -which is wrong- please send it to this new address and becouse you have filled a complain we now require $200 not $15.

    So what do you think?

    I think the best thing consumer can do is not doing bussines with them.
    And just remember never fill anything with bbb.org they just make things worse!

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