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    Components Forum

    Hi There.

    I'm asking a lot of questions in your forums and I'm getting great answers. It's one of the best forums out there.

    I would like to suggest to open a forum for Components.

    I know that you can relate it to ASP or PHP but the thing is that there's a lot of different components out there and there's no place that people can discuss about the component only.

    Hope you'll pick up the glove

    Thanks for everything!

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    Unfortunently, I don't believe such a forum would connect very well with the central theme of this forum which is web developing.

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    The components I'm talking about

    relate to web developing only. I'm not talking about off line components or so.

    Almost every developer need to deal with this components or another while his working. I think that it can be nice having a place on line that people can support each other.

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    Post the question in the General forum asking what folks think of the idea. If enough folks want it, we'll add it.

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