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Thread: audio and music for web pages

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    audio and music for web pages

    I am a music producer looking to get into the "music for web" business. I was wondering if some of you could give me a short list that describes product (CD) that would be most useful to you. In other words:

    What type of musical beds are most desired by web designers?
    What styles (dark,mysterious, bright, emotional) are needed?
    What formats would work best(.wav .mp3 or both)?
    How long of a loop would be best?
    Should percussion be apparent as in a regular song or more subtle?
    What is the typical price for a full cd of content?
    How many variations on a particular theme or loop is best for you?

    Any input would be appreciated and any links to other web audio designers would be welcome.


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    music is often looked down upon, becuase it eats bandwidth and takes long to load, especially for those on dialup. also, many of us listen to our own music when we surf, so new music would conflict with that.
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    Are you reffering to an online music shop such as iTunes? or just simply playing music to people when they visit your web site?

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    I am talking about the more animated up scale sites that have some ambient music in the background. Also sounds like on mouse overs and when u click buttons. The music would be more of a soundtrack, nothing with vocals or anything. As for bandwidth i can't see it eating that much up because it would me about a 10 sec mp3 looped and such. I only ask because i was approach by some developers when they heard my hip hop and electronic beats.

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