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Thread: No JSP or ASP - something else?

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    No JSP or ASP - Need a little help for our Intranet

    Okay, I am a dummy when it comes to scripting etc but I have what should be extremely easy but I am drawing a blank.

    I need to have the user enter information on two different lines.

    I then need to have the user click print and the information is placed on a NON-preprinted form and the graphics and other (static) data is also placed on this form.

    For example:


    Enter Number: (user types a number)

    Enter Destination: (user types a short destination)

    Click to print


    | LOGO |
    | Pallet number: (output here) |
    | Boring legal stuff .....
    | Destination: (output here)

    Note - output needs to be in much larger font than the rest.

    Any suggestions would be great - no jsp or asp if possible.

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    Simplest way may be to pop open a new window with the text, etc formated for printing and supply a print button. Something like this placed in the main form may work for you:
    PHP Code:
    <button onclick="buildPrint();">Print Form</button>
    script type="text/javascript">
    pWin.document.write("<button id='pButton' onclick='document.getElementById(\"pButton\").style.display=\"none\";window.print()'>Print</button><br />");
    pWin.document.write("<img src='http://YourImg.gif' />");
    pWin.document.write("<p style='font-size:xx-large'>Large Text</p>");

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