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    I have a major problem I cant connect to my database when I exporting my info to my new webhotell, everything is working perfectly on my local maskin and on my old webhotel. You maybe wonder why I should change if its working with my old webhotel....because they suck, no service etc.

    I get this message when I try the get information from tables in my database:
    Invalid authorization specification, message from server: "Access denied for user: 'jsptest@mydomain.se' (Using password: YES)" (jsptest=user mydomain.se= mydomain)

    From the javaBeans the user are using this URL (in this case
    "jdbc:mysql://" + anv + "&password=" + passw;"

    and this url where the jdbc driver can be found:
    driverName = "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver";

    Do you know what can be the error I would be really glad!

    Regards // D_S
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    I am sure you have probably solved the problem..however just in case you haven't or anybody else who might have the same problem,here is the suggestion to solve it.

    1. Make sure that you have a valid user name and password in the database.
    2. By default MySQL creates a "root" user with no password.
    3. You can logon to the db using that without any password.

    And here is a detailed list of options for this type of errors


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