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Thread: battle of the bands software

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    battle of the bands software

    I'm writing to ask if anyone here knows of either an existing product or a developer who could create a product to do the following on a Web site with a streaming media server.

    Battle of the bands contest

    Bands/Musicians upload photos, text bio, and MP3 file
    Bands can log in, log out, retrieve passowrds via email, edit/upload materials, etc.

    User clicks VOTE
    Randomly selected MP3 song file steams 56kbps from uploaded music DB.
    User votes on song or skips song
    Vote is tallied in DB
    Next piece of music randomly selected.

    Admin can approve/reject/edit submitted band materials
    Admin can sort/reset/archive vote totals
    Admin can turn voting on/off

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!~

    New Jersey

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    WOW thats TONS of work.. Some one might do it if you pay

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    I don't think you'll find something premade that will do it for you, but somebody would love to code it for you for pay though because there's enough work there for it to be a nice payday.

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    You're definatley not going to find that amount of commitment for free! Search around for a decent coder / developer.
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