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Thread: Password protection software / scripts

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    Password protection software / scripts

    I am in the process of turning my website into a commercial subscription service, and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good piece of password protection software for the purpose?

    I would like it to be able to
    1. Be compatible with a credit-card processing system like WorldPay
    2. Be able to block use of the same username / password if used by more than a specified amount of IP addresses
    3. Be able to remind subscribers when they need to renew their membership and be able to process such renewals.

    Many thanks!

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    Melbourne, Australia

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    The best way to meet all your needs is develop your personal software.
    Our company have great experience in this sphere so we can develop it for you as quick as possible. For your projects we will be able to use our previously coded pieces so it won`t be so expensive...

    contact us via e-mail or website if you are interested or just to inquire about the details and possible price.

    E-mail Intetics Co

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