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Thread: Tips for Reviews & Requests

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    Nov 2003
    the Netherlands
    A provider in Holland that doesn't support CSS? I'd like to know which one that is and what you exactly mean by that.

    cheers, Jochem
    "to live = to learn"
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    Jan 2003
    Yep, I was a newbie and knew nothing about web standards for a long time. I'm going to make this short and sweet. If you're unaware of standards and CSS design that's one thing, but to purposely use Frontpage because it's more convenient for you is wrong. If you want a quality site in a short amount of time or you're unwilling to learn to design sites in CSS properly then you should pay a real web developer to make the site for you. That's basically all I have to say, in one lump sum. There is obviously a great amount of detail involved, though.

    Jochem, I think he meant Frontpage extensions. Could be wrong, though.
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    Feb 2005
    I pay 45euros for my domain the package i got is called.


    provider IPD hosting Bv ( www.i-p-d.nl ).

    and for a starting company letting a webdesign agency making you're website... WERE THE HELL SHOULD I GET LIKE 2000EUROS.. im a starting company.. think i can spend 2000 on more important things.

    most people aren't webdesigners so therefor they aren't so critic about a new site.

    but i think i defo need to go look at that CSS stuff because i seen some good site made with that..
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    Nov 2003
    the Netherlands
    You might want to try Alpha Mega Hosting. They have been my provider for some time and I am very sattisfied.

    When it comes to webdesign, I think there are two basics to learn: HTML and CSS. That's all you need to build a great professional website. Save JavaScript, DHTML, Flash and any other language for later, no matter how great the visual effects those languages can create. There are zillions of websites out there that can teach you about webdesign, but W3Schools would be a good start.

    Tip: do not use Framesets or tables for your page layout. Use CSS in stead. Just browse this forum and you'll understand why.

    Don't waste too much time on learning about Frontpage. I have built all my sites so far by hand with Notepad, even my very first one. Just because I wanted to understand what I was doing. Otherwise, consider a program like Dreamweaver.

    Good luck!

    cheers, Jochem

    (By the way Jona, I accepted that the CSS design I was trying to achieve the other day is not possible. I posted a simple solution here. Thanks for the help you offered in that thread!)
    "to live = to learn"
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    Content deleted by author -- didn't add anything to thread.

    Admin: please delete this post when you've time. Many thanks!

    Take care,
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    I find that all of the links of Jona were useful very.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jona

    - Do not use tables. The purpose of tables is for tabular data - what you see in Excel spreadsheets. Columns and rows. Using tables for layout makes absolutely no sense. For you it may be different, but chances are if you want to design with tables, you don't suffer from any form of disability. There are many blind, dyslexic, and other handicapped users who browse the Internet.
    I don't understand what's wrong with the TABLE tag. What's wrong with this code?
    <style type="text/css">
    caption{font-weight:bold; color: royalblue; }
    .daLabel{padding:none; margin: none; width: 65px;}
    <table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 border=0>
    <caption>Log In:</caption>
    <tr><th class="daLabel">User</th><th><input type="text" name="userName" size="8"></th></tr>
    <tr><th class="daLabel">Password</th><th><input type="password" name="userPassword" size="8"></th></tr>
    <tr><th></th><th><input type="submit" value="Login"></th></tr>
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    <th class="daLabel">Password</th>
    is bulkier and less semantic than:
    HTML Code:
    Disclaimer. (1) Whilst I will help you sometimes, if I feel like it, and my advice in relation to your actual question will be of good quality: my posts are to be taken with a pinch of salt. I will be sarcastic, deploy irony and include obscure cultural references for my own amusement without warning.
    (2) You will gain nothing from complaining, and if you try to argue with me then you will not win. No matter how noble your battle seems, I am still better than you, don't be an hero.
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    and i believe he meant do not use tables for design or positioning, and not : do not use tables at all
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    Aug 2004
    Yeah, LiLcRaZyFuZzY is right, what Jona meant was do not use tables for layout. ( or it's what I understood )
    I personally went through all this stages...
    first site : frontpage. I don't even want to think about it. But at that time, it was convenient, and quick. I didn't know a single html tag.
    second site : dreamweaver, tables, a little css, and an image-map ( yeah, I know... *sigh* )
    third site : oh, I discovered a lot about css ! but still, tables...
    Finally, I discovered the iframe, so it turned to : tables, iframe, and css...
    and then, I started to see tables were not so good for design... So, I did my first website without any table ( almost a year ago ).
    And now, here I am, with my new website ( not launched yet, no need to check my home page ) : css, html, no frames, no javascript ( or an alternate for the only javascript thing, which is not at all navigation ), quick to load, cross-browser compatible, simple, no flashy colors, and all.
    But, it took me two years.
    I'm not a web developer, I'm just a random girl who wanted to make websites...
    All you need is time.
    I will say, please, PLEASE, don't be hard on newbies. They have worked hard on their website. Really hard. Most of them don't even understand a word of html. Most of them have only a vague idea of what are css... But all of them have put hard work and love in their design.
    When I do a website review, I always try to say something good about the design, because it's depressing to spend one week doing a website, post a thread here, and get only remarks like :

    arrggghh, you used tables for layout !!! Vade retro !!!
    What's that ?!!! Your code doesn't validate !
    Your site sucks, it's horrible, no DTD, tables, frames, javascript....

    Even if all that is true, you have ways to tell it, so that it doesn't hurt the feeling of the guy/girl who posted the website.
    Of course, it's not the same when we're talking about professionals. I understand very well that a website which is a commercial webdesign company should have PERFECT code, and be perfectly compatible.
    But the newbies need understanding.
    You cannot get up one day and make a perfect site without knowing anything about html and css.
    Rome hasn't been built in a day...
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    Jun 2004
    48°46′36″ N 9°10′48″ E
    oh, seems like you are not that evil
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    May 2004
    Wisconsin, USA
    I try to show sympathy to new users, but it is hard to put yourself in their place...

    For me, a number of coincidences (Which I consider blessings) gave me a better start than most people.
    1. The visual confirmation box thing on Geocities didn't work, so I ended up not using it, and instead went to Neopet's HTML Guide and learned the basics and turned my Neopet's petpage into my first site.
    2. I didn't have Frontpage avaliable to me.

    I found an early incarnation of my first site (Well, its the same site I have now in concept) through Wayback Machine, and looking at the source... Mmm, tables and no CSS ;D

    And I always feel bad after writing about a lot of negatives in reviewing a site and end up adding something like, "But I hate to sound negative, its not that bad" at the end to make me feel a little better :P
    "But Jesus looked at them and said, With men this is impossible, but all things are possible with God." -Matthew 19:26
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    Aug 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by LiLcRaZyFuZzY
    oh, seems like you are not that evil
    Oh, don't think that... I'm still very evil : I use colored scrollbars, and it's not gonna change...
    For me, scrollbars can be colored if you cannot do anything else ( because your design doesn't allow an ugly grey thing in the middle of your page ), as long as it's very subtle, and not flashy...
    And the people who really hate having their scrollbar colored already use FF...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ness_du_Frat
    And the people who really hate having their scrollbar colored already use FF...

    very true!
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    Manchester, UK
    Quote Originally Posted by Ness_du_Frat
    Oh, don't think that... I'm still very evil : I use colored scrollbars, and it's not gonna change...
    For me, scrollbars can be colored if you cannot do anything else ( because your design doesn't allow an ugly grey thing in the middle of your page ), as long as it's very subtle, and not flashy...
    And the people who really hate having their scrollbar colored already use FF...
    I rather like having my scroll bar coloured and I use FF.
    Every fight is a food fight when you’re a cannibal.
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