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Thread: Looking for an online multiplayer poker room script

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    Looking for an online multiplayer poker room script

    I'm developing a poker site to emulate www.pokerstars.com and www.paradisepoker.com. I've found a few companies that have software for this but I'm getting no response from any of them. I'm thinking about the possability that I might want to have an application built to my specs instead of an off-the-shelf script.

    I need a setup that is scalable, secure and can automate some aspects of the site. I'm not sure, though, which language(s) would be best for such a script. I'm familiar with flash, php and javascript so I'm leaning towards what I know, but I'm open to any suggestions from the experts on this site.



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    A series of tubes known as the "internets"
    that would be a HUGE undertaking. i'm pretty sure you'd have to write an entire program to handle something like that.

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    Well, I realize that its a big job. Thats why I'm trying to do my homework and get advice here :-) I need to get an idea of cost for a script (either custom or off-the-shelf)

    there's some pretty good $ available for this project... I just need to know if it'll be enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aronprins View Post
    I hear onlinepokerscript.com has a great OPS available for a good price... Found any good solutions other then that?
    Sure, I have bought this script + install but received bogus not working script, no answer to support requests etc!
    And you have the nerve to spam as well!

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    You can use open source agpl poker code from Cubeia but programmation language is java for server and js/css/... for client.
    I use it and add security to interact with forum softwares.


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