Can someone help me out here?

I'm currently a Senior at Dakota State University and majoring in E-commerce and Computer Security. We have an assignment for Composition II to interview someone about writing in a field of work that we're interested in and was wondering if any of you could help me out. It would be greatly appreciated! All you have to do is answer the questions below. It will take 5 minutes out of your day. If you would like to email me your answers, my email is

Thanks Everyone,

Feel free to elaborate as much as you feel necessary about any question below.

1. What types of writing do you do for your job? Example might be different types of formal or informal letters or memo’s, producing web pages.

2. What specific audiences do you address? General public? Co-workers? Local People? People worldwide?

3. What kinds of different tasks do you accomplish by writing? Taking notes? Keeping track of things in a journal or logbook? Updating web pages?

4. Are there any types of everyday research you have to do? An example might be researching JavaScript code, or finding information about your company to list on the Internet.

[Optional Information]
What is your name?
What company do you work for?
What is your title?
Is there a phone number I could contact you at?