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    Session End

    Im making a forum which displays the names of all online users by using "SELECT tblUsers.alias FROM tblUsers WHERE tblUsers.status='online'". But then I need to change there status when they close the browser or the session timesout. Is there another way around it than using session_onEnd because I heard that isnt very reliable, also if i do use this can I still get session variables inside the onEnd function?

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    To end a session when the user closes the browser window you need to add a new page to your site. For example, add a page named sessEnd.asp. This page should need only one line of code:


    You can also add some extra html here and use it as the target of a Logout link from anywhere in your site. From a link the page will display. From the code example below, it will not show, but will execute.

    Using Javascript force a post to this page when the user closes the browser or navigates away from your site. Here is a function that will do it.

    <script language="JavaScript">
    function ForceSubmit(){



    <form ACTION="sessEnd.asp" METHOD="post" id="sessEnd" name="sessEnd">
    <body onUnload="ForceSubmit()">

    The Session_OnEnd event occurs whenever Session.Abandon is explicitly called or when the current session times out due to inactivity. This is usually 20 minutes by default.

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