I'm trying to fill a text box with information from a database. The info is coming over but it is not displaying all of it. It only displays up to the first space. If I delete the spaces in between the words in the database it works other than the words are all run together. When I look at the HTML the data is there but not totally displayed.

Here is my code:
strSQL="SELECT * FROM empInfo WHERE Id= " & curab
objRS.Open strSQL, dbConn
response.write "Edit an employee name and/or cell phone number" & "</FONT>"
response.write "<BR><BR><B>Employee Name:&nbsp;&nbsp;</B><INPUT TYPE=text SIZE=100" & " " & "NAME=txtName" & " " & "VALUE=" & objRS("empName") & ">" 
response.write "<BR><BR><B>Cell Phone Number:&nbsp;&nbsp;</B><INPUT TYPE=text" & " " & "NAME=txtcPhone" & " " & "VALUE=" & objRS("empcPhone") & ">"

Here is the HTML as a result of the code above.
<INPUT TYPE=text SIZE=100 NAME=txtName VALUE=Alan Ekstein(Karen)><BR><BR><B>Cell Phone Number:&nbsp;&nbsp;</B><INPUT TYPE=text NAME=txtcPhone VALUE=(518) 464-4080>
Any ideas?