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Thread: Disable or Save As - web page protection

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    Here is the deal, ask your users nicely not to steal your stuff. This will probably deter more people than will any scripts you can create.

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    ok so you take away the toolbars, take away the right click, now in addition to the people closing your page because it looks like you're trying to trap them (no more back button) and they never come back, if they really want to download your page they can use the context menu button on the keyboard, and hit view source or save or whatever they feel like.

    by the way, if they download your page, it really doesn't matter

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    suming up this whole discussion in one word.


    the functions you want to disable are built in functions of the browsers program and some of it the operating system (print screen). only way to do this is to right a virus that will download when viewing page that will thus disable such features and will piss off 100% of the viewing audience for your site.

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    Your band wagon has square wheels.
    Just for the record, Waylander wins this thread.
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    I don't want to sound stupid ( ), but if one makes his page in flash and lets the browser display the .swf file, is it then possible to view and edit the source of that flashfile? I don't know if this has any kind of protection... I know you can download it and so, but I don't know how to grab parts of it...
    If possible, could someone tell me how, or give me a link considering this matter...

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    You can download a flash decomplier fairly easily, even without that one can read action script without too much difficulty.
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    When I first found this site (this morning) it was by way of [http://webdeveloper.com/javascript/j...timize_2.html]. My first thought was that I could not belive this kind of crap could still be found on the web. Then I read a thread on protecting your source code. Even worse. Then I read this thread. I figured it was from about the same time period (2001 or so) until I looked at the post dates!! It is 2006 people. Why is this kind of crap still being discussed.
    Why would I want your poorly formed, made by frontpage, using tables for everything source code? If you don't want me to post pictures of your girlfriend on fapomatic, then put a disfiguring watermark on them or better yet.. do not put them on the web.
    WoD, that was great. I am looking for more of your posts!

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    Guys as much as I know content cannot be wholly secured on a public browser, the least you guys can do is acknowledge that there are solutions out there to at least discourage content theft. You say "But it saves into the cache", and I can reply "I can handle it". We can scream "Screen Capture" and I can add a script to my page that purges the clipboard (as nasty as that bit of code is). You say "Disable Javascript", and I can reply "Then you don't get to see the page like those who have it running can".

    Truth is that there are answers to a lot of these questions. We CAN disable right click across every browser. We don't like to, because it affects functionality. We can disable caching, but that comes with its own costs. We can disable the Save As function, because I have seen it done before. Yes, we can look through their directories using the source, and eventually hunt down what we are so hellbent on taking. But if we have to go to those lengths to achieve our goals, don't you think we would have wised up and took the copyright message a little more seriously that most net users usually do?

    The problem I have with bashing these sort of questions is simple: All it is is stonewalling. You have someone with a question, and odds are we know the answer. Instead, they get blasted for trying to secure content on this world wide web. A lot of these security measures don't affect functionality too much. I've done sites that have used some elaborate measures, and aside from angering the wannabe content theives who find that their Image Toolbar isn't doing what they want it to do, the effect isn't ruining anyones experiance.

    So instead of simply blasting the desire for security, how about actually answering the question?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fallen_dawn
    So instead of simply blasting the desire for security, how about actually answering the question?
    People get "blasted" only after they whine about not getting the answer they were hoping for.

    Your claims about blocking right-clicking, caching, and Save As just aren't true. Plenty of people here will demonstrate that for you if you ask. And if we lied and told people these methods work, then we'd only be tricking them into a false sense of security, and no one wants that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fallen_dawn View Post
    Guys as much as I know content cannot be wholly secured on a public browser.
    And you are still arguing?

    I don't like selective interpretation, so I'll make an argument too. There is one way to make sure images won't be stolen, and that is watermarking. Even that doesn't insure it, just prevents them being used in a lot of situations. Images used for the web should be as small as possible anyway, so they shouldn't really be worth stealing (incorrectly used, but I don't know a verb for "to infringe copyright").

    And we do not "blast" the users who want to secure content using ridiculous scripts (most browsers can disable that action very easily), we "blast" those who say that they can protect content when those claims are ridiculously hollow.

    All of this has been shown up to four years ago, and you continue to totally ignore it. Either address those issues, or don't give anyone a false sense of security.

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    Use this code:

    <script language="JavaScript">
    function disableCtrlKeyCombination(e)
    //list all CTRL + key combinations you want to disable
    var forbiddenKeys = new Array("a", "s", "c");
    var key;
    var isCtrl;

    key = window.event.keyCode; //IE
    isCtrl = true;
    isCtrl = false;
    key = e.which; //firefox
    isCtrl = true;
    isCtrl = false;

    //if ctrl is pressed check if other key is in forbidenKeys array
    for (i = 0; i < forbiddenKeys.length; i++)
    //case-insensitive comparation
    if (forbiddenKeys[i].toLowerCase() == String.fromCharCode(key).toLowerCase())
    // alert("Key combination CTRL + "
    // + String.fromCharCode(key)
    // + " has been disabled.");
    return false;
    return true;
    <body onkeypress="return disableCtrlKeyCombination(event);" onkeydown="return disableCtrlKeyCombination(event);" >

    link: http://priteshpatelcoen.blogspot.in/...lc-or-any.html

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