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Thread: Wondering if someone will help me

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    Wondering if someone will help me


    I have a HUGE favor to ask anyone with a big enough heart to help me..

    I have a pregnancy website and I would LOVE to put a due date calculator on there, along the lines of this one:


    I don't have the slightest idea how...the only Java I know about comes in a styrofoam cup from Starbucks... If someone doesn't mind helping me, it would be greatly appreciated! If you're a guy, I'll give ya a kiss
    Thank you so so so so so much in advance!

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    That's not Java, it's Javascript and it looks like that one comes from http://javascriptsource.com/ so you can go there and get a copy to use on your web site for free.

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    as much as i'd love to help u for a kiss , as ray said, it can easily be done in javascript, and it's quite simple

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