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Thread: Some problems with tags DIV and LAYER

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    Question Some problems with tags DIV and LAYER

    I have some problems with tag div. When I use next code

    <div id=m1 onmouseout=menuOff(1,1) onmouseover=menuOn(1,1)>
    <layer onmouseout=menuOff(1,1) onmouseover=menuOn(1,1)>

    for mouseover-visible-layers all browsers read it correct.

    When I use


    for all-time-visible-layers some browsers (for example Opera7 or Netscape 4.7)
    can't support CSS-properties such as font-size or position.

    Please, give answer if you know what kind of problem in my code.

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    NS 4 has a different way of storing the styles than other browsers. They use three arrays - document.tags, document.classes and document.ids - which store the styles. Since a LAYER (or a DIV that is positioned) has it's own DOCUMENT, I would expect it to have it's own style arrays. If nothing is specified, they are probably empty. I don't know if there is any inheritance. You could try repeating your style definitions inside the LAYER.

    I don't know anything about Opera. According to W3C recommendations, browsers are supposed to ignore any tag that it does not recognize and it's contents. However, I know that IE does not follow this recommendation.

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    Re: Some problems with tags DIV and LAYER

    Originally posted by ptik
    When I use

    But why would you want to?
    NS 4.x understands <div> just fine.
    Get rid of that crappy <layer> stuff, it's not needed.
    // Stefan Huszics

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