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    ASP Form

    Hello all. I have a form that is included in one of my ASP pages. The problem I have is with the confirmation page.
    Could someone explain how I could display only information that is selected or entered from the form on the confirmation page?
    I know how to pass all the information and all but I need to show/hide informaton whether it's selected or not.
    After that I would like to email the confirmation page to the user with the info from the confirmation page. No problem with that, I just wanted to try to give more detail.

    Thanks in advance.

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    you can use
    <% Dim name,
    name=request.form("formname") %>
    and then to show the name you put
    <%= name %>
    to work on your needs with getting everything else done....you might want to learn the basics of asp before diving into a big project like emailing the form results to yourself....you can go to W3 Schools ASP section
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    I have all that setup already. The form page is passing the form data to the confirmation page once submitted. When a web from is processed all the information is passed to either a database, email, or confirmation page for printing. What I need to do is minimize the clutter from the confirmation page and email. If it goes to the database then I could care less because it's what's shown that bothers me. For example, a user submits name, addy, phone, etc. Other form elements include options to select other items on the form. The form elemennts that are not selected should be hidden and the form elements that have been selected should be visible and posted to the confirmation page. I can view all the data when needed but I need a cleaner confirmation page. Instead of recreating the form and just placing the code block to display the dynamic data for all the areas, I need to know if there is a way to hide the stuff that's not selected.

    Thanks much.

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