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Thread: Printing embedded hyperlinks of multiple levels

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    Printing embedded hyperlinks of multiple levels

    Hi all,
    I have a java Swing gui application that generates an HTML file in the background without displaing it. This HTML page contains many hyperlinks, that represent other HTML pages with potentially some hyperlinks on them, and so on and on...All those HTML pages are generated in the background as well and saved on the local filesystem. Want I want to do is to enable the user to print all the HTML pages (both the start page and the embedded pages) with one buttonclick. So my question is: does java facilitate any solution for printing web documents by just passing the url addresses of the HTML pages in the background?
    The other possible option would be displaying the start HTML page and the user would print all the embedded pages from within the browser environment (perhaps javascript?). I know, that IE 5 and 6 have the capability of printing all linked documents. However, it does it only to the first level. I don't know whether Netscape has any similar capability at all. Any ideas?

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    my guess is no,however I'd be equally interested in it to see another point of view as well as solution..


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