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Thread: question about how domains work

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    question about how domains work


    I currently have a website which is hosted on a user webspace server of my ISP. It is of the form: http://myname.ISP's-webspace-server-name.co.uk. If i register a domain of the form http://www.myname.com and asign the appropriate nameservers to it then will a visitor typing http://myname.com see http://myname.com in their address bar or http://myname.ISP's-webspace-server-name.co.uk. Also will http://myname.ISP's-webspace-server-...ry/anyfile.htm appear as http://www.myname.com/subdirectory/anyfile.htm?


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    If your ISP are willing to provide suitable nameservers, then you can register a .com domain and point it at your existing webspace, which should give the results you want (http://www.example.com/whatever in the address bar instead of http://myname.ispname.example.com/whatever). Check with your ISP first, however, because they may not provide the necessary nameservers if you register a domain with someone else.

    You can do something similar using frames (so called "masked web forwarding") if you have separate webspace with the domain, but it's not a very good solution.

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    Thanks Adam. So with the nameservers i should be able to get what i want. Will have to check with ISP to see if they'll provide them. They themselves do not provide domain registering services.

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