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    Hi, i've been reading a few threads about PHP and Perl and i can't decide on what to pick i'll explain what i want and would appreciate if anyone could help me out on which language to try and learn

    I would like to make a web-based database were people can login and store data (eg text/images/music) and how do i run a PHP or Perl Script? like what is needed? and is it possible to host this on my computer would i need some other software to run it? thank you all for any input to this matter the task isn't something i really need but it's the sort of stuff i would like to learn

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    Well, I would use PHP for this job but, yet again I do not know Perl that well yet so, I may be a bit bias.

    And yes, both can be installed on your computer. (You will need a web server)


    Ryan Jones.

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