Alright, mainly inspired by this thread:

I present to you the idea of a Web Development Guide. You know, you're good old "How to make a website" guide. Well, actually, more like: "How to Make a Proper Website" guide. All the guides out there don't teach properly. This is why there is so much confusion and anti-W3C thoughts out there. There's no place guiding you in creating a website the proper way. W3Schools is great, but it breaks it up into learning the technologies. The best bet is to aim for those who are just starting out. Those who are confused and look for the simple how to make a website guides. Who need help putting it together. Not so much a series of guides on HTML and CSS and the like, but a series which teaches how to create a website.

And damnit, this won't fall through like the Internet Bible! No, I forbid it! Forget things like management systems, hosting, and design. If we pooled together and started writing some guides, than we could actually do this. And create a rich resource to guide those in creating modern websites that are accessible and future friendly.