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Thread: Data upload/transfer with HTTPS

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    Data upload/transfer with HTTPS

    I have a website that retrieves info from an Access db.

    Another site wishes to upload data to my database for use on my site. They say they can/will do this via HTTPS.

    I have no idea what I would need to do my end. Are there any implications? How exactly does it work?

    I want to know a little more before I speak to them (so I don't sound completely dumb).

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    First of all your server needs to suport SSL and you need a cert.

    How it works

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    To say you're going to "upload via HTTPS" isn't really saying much at all. Ask them if what they mean is they want to do RFC 1867 form-based uploads over SSL. If so then you have to bring up a secure server like lakers01 indicated and you'll have to implement (a.k.a. steal) a multipart/form-data parser. These are readily available for just about any server side technology you might have in place; I'm assuming that's ASP on IIS judging from your data store.

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