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Thread: Are DataGrids the way to go?

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    Are DataGrids the way to go?

    Hi there,

    I want to create a page for our site so that our customers can go online and give us feedback. The page will consist namely of text boxes, combo lists and radio buttons.

    Ive been using DataGrids to insert records into our SQL box and can design the page using this method in ASP.net

    However I was wondering if there was a better method or do people use other technologies. One thing I have found is that it takes a VERY long time for the initial page to load.

    Any suggestions welcome.


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    i do believe that in asp.net, your first visit to the page it
    a long one but after you first visit you have it loaded into
    cach or something and it loads very fast.

    This is one thing we discussed when i started with asp.net.
    I noticed the very long initial load time the first time
    you visited a page.

    I dont think a datagrid would be a bad approach.
    Or you could do it another way.
    What looks more professional? Do that.

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    I guess so... However ive been told that for performance its best declaring variables in the page itself and using a web form to upload to a SQL table.

    Datagrids are ok for displaying data contained on multiple rows.


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