I have been using the javascript.internet.com dropdown box within dropdown box methods. It work fine. However, now I am attempting to email the form via cdonts. Here is my problem:

I can't determine in my .htm page what to select for my .asp page with respect to the first dropdown box. Here is the code for my first dropdown box.

<SELECT id=firstChoice name=firstChoice onchange="selectChange(this, secondChoice, arrItems1, arrItemsGrp1);">
<option value=0 SELECTED>[SELECT]</option>
<option value=1>Appetizers</option>
<option value=2>Side Dishes/Misc.</option>
<option value=3>Homemade Soups</option>
<option value=4>Eggs & Omelettes</option>
<option value=5>Hot Open Sand.</option>
<option value=6>Lox on Bagel</option>
<option value=7>Beef/Turkey Burgers</option>
<option value=8>Overstuffed Sand.</option>
<option value=9>Combination Sand.</option>
<option value=10>Deli Platters</option>
<option value=11>Entrees</option>
<option value=12>Cold Salad Platters</option>
<option value=13>Kids Menu</option>
<option value=14>Desserts</option>
<option value=15>Beverages</option>

IN my .asp page, I am using request.form to get fields from the form. For text fields and dropdown box fileds that don't open other dropdown boxes, I have no problem. My specific problem is how do I code the request.form statement for the above dropdown box?