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Thread: Web Cam Strapped to

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    Web Cam Strapped to

    There was something in the Wall Street Journal about a Roomba Robot Vacuum with a webcam strapped to it. I canít find it on the Web and itís really bugging me. Does anyone know where it is? TIA

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    Check this our

    Check this out, someone sent me the link
    If the Roomba explores the rarely seen netherworld beneath some guyís bed. That could be pretty frightening.

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    That vaccume rules. We had one cleaning up at work. I love those mofos... they are so cute. I am going to get one and keep it as a pet or something. I wish they were not so expencive. I was suprised at the fact that it actually cleaned halfway decent considering that it is not built like a normal valume with a large scroll fan or some other method of sucking duct up into a bag.
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