I've done some basic web design and a few websites for myself, but not for others. I have a few people with small commercial sites, that have asked me to help redesign their sites, which would involve changing both the HTML and the graphics.

I'm still working on actually creating web-worthy original graphics myself, but have just discovered Xara WebStyle 4.01, and the WebStyle EULA sounds as though you can't include the graphics/templates created along with "selling" web design services, so I'm not sure whether I could charge them for the buttons/navbars/templates created with that program or not. It sounds like I can't, yet the Xara site's Testimonials make it sound like others have done this with graphics and/or templates they've created with Xara products.

I'm considering doing this as a business. (Yea, I know...GREAT! another newbie , lol) But, if anyone could help with these questions, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

- Can I just not sell their (WebStyle 4.01) original unaltered, no-text-added buttons/navbars/templates or ANYTHING created with their program.

- What type of Licensing and/or Copyright does that leave the Client's site with...None/Exclusive/Non-Exclusive?

- Could I make complete website templates including buttons/navbars with their programs, or include their program created buttons/navbars in my own templates, and sell the end product from a site specifically for that?

- Are there any of Xara's programs that do allow you to create and resell the graphics and/or templates?