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Thread: need help to buy router.

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    need help to buy router.


    I have a Gigabyte broadband router,Ntlworld broadband connection and windows 2000 proffesional,I have 2 problems,firstly i have just managed to get the router to connect to the internet but over the last few days I have to reset the router(switch off and on) every 2 ish hours because it loses the connection( seems to go to sleep )but it is weird because my d/loads are d/loading and it is also uploading but I can't connect to the web with explorer,is it faulty.Secondly I have the router setup as a static ip address but every now and then Ntl change my ip address if I set the router as dynamic ip it doesnt work as well,what I need to know if someone with the same server and connection can recommend a router that they know will work with my setup.

    Thanks in advance.

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    It sounds like a DNS problem if you have Internet file transfers going on but your problem is that the browser can't locate a site.

    You might explore dynamic DNSassignment rather than fixed DNS.

    Of course, it really depends on what your ISP is doing. You should be contacting their tech support to find out what the correct router settings are.
    - Gus

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    I think my isp are changing the settings so to stop me using the router and 3 connections,my isp have given me the dns settings when I set up Broadband about a year ago and they are the settings I have used for the last 2 weeks.Do you think the isp will help me.

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    Well, don't mention your running three computers off of it. Routers are good for hardware firewalls, even with a single connection! They should definetly help you out, however, they are not obligated to. They are obligated to give you the settings though.
    Thank you HTML Goodies and all the regulars on the forums. I've learned much from you guys and am definetly a much better webmaster because of your dedication.

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