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Thread: Querying two tables into an ASP page

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    Querying two tables into an ASP page

    I have just started using databases and would like to be able to use two tables in my query rather than just one. Currently I have

    fp_sQry="SELECT * FROM ""External Jobs"""
    This allows me to select the fields I want from that table to show up on my ASP page using this code.

    I want to add a second table into the above query that would allow me to select from another table, still in the same DB. What would I append to the Query to make this happen?

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    Insufficient info.

    My guess is that you're probably going to want to do a JOIN, but it's impossible to say for sure with the info given.

    Also, you should specify the columns of interest rather than using * (the exception is when you use COUNT).

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