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Thread: what do you think, a little help nedded here

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    what do you think, a little help nedded here

    hi all,

    hopefully this is the right place to post this...

    i am planning to sell of my old system and thinking of buying a new one...

    so far i have found out that dell is the cheapest.....

    this is what i am planning to buy....

    8400 Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 530 with HT Technology 3.0GHz, 1 MB L2 cache, 800MHz FSB)
    Intel® 925X Chipset
    Integrated Gigabit Ethernet
    1Yr Limited Warranty with Next Business Day Onsite Service
    1GB(2x512) NECC Dual Channel DDR2 533Mhz SDRAM Memory
    128MB PCIe™ x16 ATI Radeon™ X300 SE w/TV-Out & DVI (i think they mean the 9800XT series, is it any better then the 9600SE one??)
    Dell™ Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse
    17" Flat Panel LCD Monitor
    160GB SATA (7200RPM) Hard Drive
    Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional (English)
    DVD+RW/+R With CDRW Combo Drive
    Sound Blaster® AudigyTM 2 Sound Card
    Dell™ A425 stereo speakers with subwoofer (Australia)
    56K PCI Data/Fax Modem
    + some other software and dial up connection package and standard warranties.....

    they are ready to throw in the 5.1 surround, floppy drive and a extra optical drive for a discounted price as well...

    now here is what i am asking your opinions on:

    what do you guys think.. is this alright??? do i need to add anything else in there? i am already way past my budget and can spare another 50-100 dollars...

    are dell systems any good... ?i do not wish to spend lots of money and then find out that i might have been ripped off . really really confused about this....

    has anyone had any experience with them? particularly dell australia??


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    Dell UK laptops are tidy, though rather pricey. If you shop around you can usually find them cheaper elsewhere. I think Buntine is from Australia, so maybe he will have some reccomendations.
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    i would scrap the cordless keyboard and mouse it really is not worth the money. just get an IR mouse (fairly cheap for a good'un) and a standard keyboard. that should save you a bit of money!
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    hi everyone,

    thanks for all your replies.... alright.. i will scrap the wireless keyboard.... i was a bit unsure about that one anyway

    BTW just wanted to make a small update... instead of going for the X300 series.. i am opting for the X800 one (i think that is the 9800 series)... dell is giving me a pretty good deal on it... and i am also opting for the ultra sharp 17"in instead of the normal one.


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