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    Hello all. Great site here. Just found it. Where the heck were you 8 months ago?? Or better, where the heck was I?

    Here is my question and I did try to search the FAQ pages.

    Who do I have to kill/payoff to get listed on DMOZ? I have been trying for over two years now. My site is not porn but it is adult. We sell adult body jewelry. (Don't go to my site if this kind of stuff offends you or your community PLEASE! That is why I do not have an active link!)

    I think there may be some movement as I have seen some traffic from the DMOZ forum but as I cannot see the forum, I cannot see the comments.

    I know that we will be listed in the adult jewelry section and thatís OK too. I just need to get listed.

    Whew. Any suggestions are helpful. I am just wondering if a competitor is the editor and is keep us out. Why, I have no idea.

    Thanks guys.


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    Don't know if this will solve your problem but it may help. Maybe its being filtered out because of the content. Try labelling your site with ICRA.

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    same general topic ... I have sites about all kinds of topics ... how do i submit to dmoz? and can anyone tell me if they know how to get a feed from dmoz to put on one of my sites?
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    This page tells you how to submit sites to it, and this one explains how to get data from the Directory.

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    Dmoz.org is open directory and Free.

    you can submit it through directly via http://www.jayde.com

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