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Thread: Inserting password column into the Table

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    Inserting password column into the Table

    I'm trying to INSERT the customer information record into Access table after the customer registers, i can add all the fileds to database table except password column. password is encrypted in my form. Can someone help me how to decrypt the password and insert into text field of the database. BTW i'm using ASP to execute SQL statement.

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    I think I remember hearing that the word "password" is a reserved word in Access, so you have to enclose the word "password" in braces in your SQL statement:

    For Example:
    strSQL = "INSERT INTO tblUSER Username,[Password] VALUES('" & Request.Form("txtuser") & "','" & Request.Form("txtpassword") & "')

    Hope this solves your problem.. I once made this mistake and it cost me a day of work.

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