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    Contact Form Help

    I need the easiest yet neatest way to do something, because everything else isnt going so well.

    I have a web page (contact.php) file, so in the body contents I'll have 3 names Jon Cristina & both as of now they're all hyperlinks.

    Beneath those hyperlinks I have a contact form. Is there a way that when clicked on the specific name, their apppropriate email address to go in the email text box?

    Or what else could I do?

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    <a href="jon.html" onclick="document.forms[0].email.value='Jon'; return false;">Jon</a>
    The above assumes you only have one (1) form on the page, and the email input's name attribute is set to "email"; it also assumes that "jon.html" exists and is a form to contact Jon. This is for users without JavaScript; you may reload the same page with a query string and automatically fill-in the input based on the URI, if one is present.

    PHP Code:
    <input type="text" name="email" value="<?php if(isset($_GET["u"])) echo $_GET["u"]; ?>">
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