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Thread: A link doesnt work

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    A link doesnt work

    This is my webpage... If you click on number 6. The link doesnt work.
    Can you tell me whats wrong with that link?
    Thanks for your help.

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    And here's the reason why the link wasn't working. When you add in a link without the http:// part then the link gets added on to whatever the link to the current page is.

    "www.somepage.com" becomes "http://www.currentpage.com/www.somepage.com"

    You can use this habit to your benefit though. Let's say you are at your home page and you want to go another page within your site. You can just add the file name if the page is in the same directory.

    "otherpage.html" becomes "http://www.currentpage.com/otherpage.html"

    Go to a different section of your site?

    "folder/otherpage.html" becomes "http://www.currentpage.com/folder/otherpage.html"

    Going back to the home page while in one of the folder sections of your site?

    "../otherpage.html" becomes "http://www.currentpage.com/otherpage.html"

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