Hi: I am trying to create a perl/cgi script that will create a html code with a pulldown menu. The perl script creates a html code with an area for the end user to type in a string and hit the submit button. I want to change the script such that it changes the html code to have a pull down menu with 5 variables that the user can select. Could somebody provide me some help as how the html code should look like?

====HTML CODE===============
<HTML><BODY><body aLink=#ffffff bgColor=#000033 link=#ffffff text=#ffffff vLink=#cccccc>

<td><input type=text name=f_alertkey value=""></td>
<input type=submit value="Submit">

The script I am using to create the above html code

=====CGO script=================
my $alertkey = param( '$selected_rows.AlertKey' ) || "0";
print "<form action=\"\/cgi-bin\/create_ticket.cgi\" method=\"get\">\n";
print "<table>\n";
print "<tr>\n";
print "<td>AlertKey:</td>\n";
print "<td><input type=text name=f_alertkey value=\"$alertkey\"></td>\n";
print "</tr>\n";