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Thread: Overriding no-frames rule

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    Question Overriding no-frames rule

    I have a frameset page that lets my user surf within the links I've provided, but then I've encountered at least a couple of my links sites that overrides my frameset.

    Instead of maintaining my frame on the top of the page, the site clicked on occupies the whole page!

    How can I override them?

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    this is a strange one, correct me if i am wrong but doesn't ask jeeves have their web site with a frame at the top but every site that is listed when clicked on doesn't open a new window but is displayed in the bottom frame?
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    Originally posted by Dave Clark
    Well, first you have to find a site that impliments JavaScript like this:

    if (self != top) {
    top.location.href = self.location.href;

    If such a site were to be linked to by Ask Jeeves, then that site would break out of Jeeves' frames, too.


    ....you're so right. That I've learned when I re-read the chapters about frames last night.

    The only way I could do this was ask for permission legally from my partner sites.

    Anyway, I have the above code on my home page too now.

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    you can do it if you query by proxy and pass it back. Then the retval is in the same domain as the requesting script.

    with IE you can then inject into the dom a fake TOP and Parent Object. replacing them with and Encoded name tyo fake out frame detection code.
    Or for
    NS and IE strip the frame detection code.
    3 tier and higher detection code would be pretty hard to fake out generically. But where have you ever seen anyone noided enough to do that except AOL. com hehe.

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