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Thread: Open a Excel Templete and add data to it

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    Open a Excel Templete and add data to it

    I have an excel templete.
    I would like to open this and then through code, populate
    some of the fields for the user.

    Now i have the code that will take the code on the page and
    create a new excel file to save or to open but i would like
    to do this with the templete.

    any ideas.

    This is the code i use to open the page as an excel sheet.
    Response.ContentType = "application/vnd.ms-excel"

    but i dont think this is going to work for what i want.

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    Create a DLL. Add a reference to the Excel Object Library. Now you can do whatever you want programitcally before returning the result to the client. Here's a link to the Excel Object Model.

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