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    Query Construct

    I have a requirement to implement three features for a client.
    One is a click titled view active requests. When client requests are processed, they are given a status of "open", "on hold", "completed", "new", "cancelled".
    So we have to capture which requests are still active, all of the requests, and which requests are handled by a specific developer; hence we have features like:
    View Active Requests,
    View All Requests,
    View My Request.
    The first two have been captured.
    The last one, View My Request, I am having problem with.
    Can someone please give me some ideas of how to go about implementing this spec, please.
    I have thought about using developer's login to capture which requests she/he is working on. I couldn't get my thought together on that.
    Your help is highly appreciated.

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    hi Dave!
    Thanks again for your assistance with the inage bar. I believe I posted that in the javascript forum.
    Anyway, I know that I need a query and I also know that I need to I would need to put that in a session variable so that whoever logs in, as long as that developer has a task/project assigned to him/her, ONLY his/her tasks will be captured and displayed.
    I just could not put the query part and the asp part together.

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    thanks (again) Dave.
    Now looking your query string, it seems to me that the developer has to enter his/her name for this to work.
    Since we have a login convention of firstname.lastname, if the developer's name on db is fname lastname, will this still work?
    Even better, if I create a login that has only first name or has only lastname, will it work?
    This is probably an ignorant question.
    If this is what it takes to work, I think I would come up with this code.
    I just think it would require a session variable that is pullled from login and tied somehow to developer table.
    You see this is where I am having problem putting that logic together.

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    ok, Dave; as usual you've been great.
    Let me play around with this and I will post result working or not.

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    hi Dave!
    I finally got this functionality to work.
    I created a login table, developer table and joined them based on name.
    select * from developer
    where developer.name = session(name).
    So far, everything seems to work fine.
    Thank you a lot!

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