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Thread: end horizontal scroll

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    end horizontal scroll

    hey guys, i'm new to this whole css layout style, coming from a long time of tables, so, any tips on getting this to NOT scroll at 800x600 maximized.


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    The best way to get content to NOT scroll at 800x600 is to not have any content that goes beyond this boundry. Right now, you have a width set to 858px - well beyond the boundries. Try to go less than 770 to prevent horizontal scrollbars. If you're concerned about the vertical scrollbar, you could reduce your line height a little.
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    They key is not to use specific units. If you say something should be whatever number of pixels wide, then natuarally you're going to have horizontal scrolling on any screen that does not meet or exceed your pre-determined number of pixels.

    Think of it this way:

    A pixel is a pixel on anybodys' screen. A relative measurement against any screen is always going to have the same measurement relative to any screen.
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