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Thread: Layer problem in Mac IE vs Safari and PC IE

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    Layer problem in Mac IE vs Safari and PC IE

    Hello all -

    I am not a veteran web developer by any means - I've been straggling along using GoLive CS designing a website for my small company I work for -

    I just spent AGES working on this site with complex layers; I did the testing all in Mac IE and it works lovely...I uploaded it to the server, looked at it on a PC, and it's worthless.

    For some reason, the layers are not displaying properly in Safari, PC IE, or Netscape. What do you guys think?

    Would this have been easier to accomplish in Flash or some other means?

    Also - I noticed that all of the layers appear while the site is loading in all browsers (including Mac)- I currently have actions in the head of the page to hide all the layers, but I can still see them when its loading and it looks sloppy - any way to fix this?

    you can see the whole page with photos at:


    I couldn't fit the code in the message - it's like 10 times too long...sorry. I can post it in pieces if you guys want.


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    maybe first clean up your graphics: you drew a grid behind all of your buttons. Make your buttons as a gif and have transparent borders, then your design doesn't have to be 'pixel perfect'.

    I have never seen such a long list of csactions. I don't know golive, but why dont you find a similar working page, load it into golive and just see what happens?

    Good Luck

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