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Thread: textarea, <BR>tag, DB store, <TD>

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    textarea, <BR>tag, DB store, <TD>

    i input something text include chr(13) into TEXTAREA tag, and then, i store them into a LONG VARCHAR field.

    when i retrieve the text from DB2 database, and display them with TEXTAREA tagŁ¬all seem OK, what i input what i retrieved. but when i put them text into a TD tag, it's awful that every line of text has not been separated with chr(13) or BR tag.

    i don't know why it's different result between displaying with TEXTAREA and TD tag?

    sorry, my english is so poor. i dont know whether i can express my meaning exactly.

    Thank you very much for your help!

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    I dont th8ink I understand correctly. But I will have a go!

    You may want to replace the <br> tags with \n. Text Areas dont interpret HTML tags so you will have to use the \n escape sequence to create line breaks.


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    Try wrapping the field data in a <pre>.

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