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    Post website in 3 languages ...

    hi all,

    I intend to make a website in 3 languages.
    Which way will get me the best ranking when indexed by a searchbot? :
    1. integrate all 3 languages in 1 dynamic page, using a variable to know which language to print
    2. make for each language a seperate page

    Personnaly I thought the first option is the best, as important keywords (ex. company name "Toya Shoes") are present 3 time more on a page.
    Someone knows?

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    Some search engines have a problem with dynamically generated code. If you want good rankings, I would suggest static main pages with some dynamic sub-pages. Maybe you could put a main page that is in the main language you want but has links at the top that go to the similar pages in the other languages.

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    But most bots handle dynamic pages pretty well, so isn't having 1 dynamic page better (=3 times more keywords on a page) than having 3 seperate html pages?

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