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Thread: google PR with www and without www

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    google PR with www and without www

    hi,just today only i noticed this,after the PR update recently all the 20 pages of our website got PR4,earlier only our homepage www.mydomain.com/index.htm was having PR 4
    but after this update all have got 4
    any way my question is this ,i found a big problem for our website
    i found that when i enter www.mydomain.com it shows PR4 and when just mydomain.com/ it gives PR3.
    Whats this
    i thinks google cosiders these as different urls and indexing to give diff PR
    i wanted to know how much PR you think we are loosin due to this considering the fact if the google had considered both URLs same
    main thing is that how can i find those links on the web which are back links to both these urls and correct the problem so that we may gain some PR as sice 3 months we have just 4 and we want to improve it

    Your suggestions and comments are anticipated

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    you are correct in thinking Google will renk the same page differently.

    www.yourdomain.com could have a different PR from www.yourdomain.com/default.html but this is normally the same page.

    How to solve the problem i'm not sure, maybe trying to contact your backward links ask them to all to change to www.yourdomain.com/default.html.

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    how do i know who is linkg me,as i never approached for giving link to my website.
    and for the future which link you think i should give to others or on websites,so that this loss doesnt happen again

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