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    struts to jsf

    I have an existing struts demo application that I need to convert to jsf. I have a login page, that called and action (login.do) in my struts app, but how do I call this using jsf? Do I need to have this in my faces-config.xml file? Second, in my struts app, I was using custom error messages for errors and I'm not sure how to do this using jsf. Below is the code I used in my struts app to tell the page which error to show:

    errors.add("password", new ActionError("login.jsp.password.not.matched"));
    I can give more code for any part of this request.


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    I haven't used JSF yet, just seen a little, but my understanding is there are pretty much analogs in JSF for each aspect of Struts. So I suspect there is an XML configuration file like the Struts config where you put the JSF equivalent of each of the Struts action mappings like your login.do.

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