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Thread: Problem with frames and index. HELP!

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    Problem with frames and index. HELP!

    I'm sure I'm missing somethign totally obvious here...

    I've got a menu frame going all the way down the left side, with the right side spilt into two (title bar and main). Whatever link I put in the menu opens the page in the top right instead of the bottom right frame. the HTML looks like this - what changes do i need to make so the link will open in the bottom window? thanks...

    <frameset cols="150,*">
    <frame name="left" scrolling="no" noresize target="rtop" src="menu.htm">
    <frameset rows="20%,*">
    <frame name="rtop" target="rbottom" src="top.htm">
    <frame name="rbottom" src="main.htm">

    <p>This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.</p>


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    Don't worry - I sussed it.


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