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    Everything in one website

    The website www.web4each.com has got everything which are needed to run a web development services. Domain registration, hosting, design, search engine optimization and many many more. Also it provides SSL certification to its clients. And the fact is everything can be availed in a very economic rates, even cheaper than the reputed world-class providers. So please verify the website and mention your comments about the prospect of this site in future.

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    um.....is there a question in this post?
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    wham! SPAM! No thank you man!

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    Originally posted by sirhcchris3
    um.....is there a question in this post?
    Well there is a request for a response which I suppose could count for a question, I think.
    Originally posted by domain
    So please verify the website and mention your comments about the prospect of this site in future.
    Right, about this site.
    The Code is invalid and uses out of date technuiques like table based layouts and font tags it also uses a propietry <nobr> tag.
    The design isn't very good either. What's the point of some random person looking over thier shoulder smiling? Lots of little things like cliche link formats and the way the domain price table is too big for the section that it's in, all subtract from the impression of the site.
    The services I could get them from a million other sites, in some cases cheaper. Is there anything offered here that's actualy different?
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