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    Form Help

    Im currently making a mini questionaire for a project of mine.
    I have done this before I just havent done it in over a year, and I was wondering whether you could either point me to an article, or give me some ideas on how to do this.

    What im trying to do is make a form with a few textboxes, have a submit button and when the submit button is pressed I would like the information emailed to an email address.

    It should be simple enough but I havent done it for awhile.
    And im still only in high school.

    So any help out there?

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    <Script Language=JavaScript>

    function sendMail(isForm){

    isBody = "";
    recipient = "me@someDomain.com";
    isSubject = "Form Data";
    isBody = "Name: " + isForm.personal.value +" --- ";
    isBody += "Address: " + isForm.address.value +" --- ";
    isBody += "City: " + isForm.city.value +" --- ";
    isBody += "State: " + isForm.state.value +" --- ";
    isBody += "Zip: " + isForm.zip.value;
    document.forms.Send.action = "mailto:"+recipient+"?subject="+isSubject+"&body="+isBody+"&nbsp"


    <form name='Form1'>
    Name <input name='personal' size=25><br>
    Address <input name='address' size=30><br>
    City <input name='city' size=15> State <input name='state' size=2><br>
    Zip Code <input name='zip' size=4><br>
    <input type=Reset>
    <form name='Send' action=''>
    <input type="submit" value="Send by Email" onclick="sendMail(document.Form1)">

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