I have a login page where if a user gets a password exception, I want to display a custom error from my resource bundle on my login.jsp page. Here is my code for the bean. How would I tell this to use the correct message in my resource bundle?

			//String userid2 = "user1";
			//String userid = userid;	
			//System.out.println("what is user id: " + 
			//System.out.println("Now going to connect to db using DAO");
			//System.out.println("what is user id and password: " + getUserid() + "  " + getPassword());
			DAOFactory daoFactory = DAOFactory.getDAOFactory((short) 2);
			CustomerDAO custDAO= daoFactory.getCustomerDAO();
			String rtns1 = custDAO.getPassword(getUserid());
			//System.out.println("Password from the DB -> "+rtns1);
			//boolean passwordMatch = true;			
			boolean passwordMatch= rtns1.equalsIgnoreCase(getPassword());
			//System.out.println("What is the password please....  "+ passwordMatch);				
			if (passwordMatch) {
				return "success"; 
			} else {
				return "failure";
			} catch(PasswordNotFoundException ex){
				return "failure";