I'm I missing the boat on frames?

Are you not able to fix the size of frames so they do not distort the contents? In attempting to solve this I read somewhere the contents will shift if two colums use fixed sizing (say cols="100,100"). Is this true?

What I'm trying to do is build a page with three frames (seemed so simple!) - top, and bottom with bottom divided into left and right sub-frames. I want my graphic in the top frame not to be resized nor the nav bar in the left. To avoid text content from spilling beyond 640 pixels I set the right frame to 500 pixels (640 minus nav bar). It seemed to work OK until I maxed the window and found the text in the right frame spilling to the edge of the window well beyond of top frame boundary.

How can I truly fix the size of the frames so when the browser window is resized it does not distort the contents of the frames? Use tables instead?