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    Hey all,

    I am trying to build up my portfolio and earn some extra cash for Christmas. I know that all of you guys are designers, heh, but if anyone has any friends, employers, etc that need some web work or application development done I can pay you a nice bonus for a referral.

    Example: $3k site nets you $500.
    We have a quick turn-around on the sites so you would get some easy cash very quickly. Obviously, I couldn't send you a check/mo until the client pays.

    Dajaney Designs

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    I would also be willing to be a silent partner and undertake certain project tasks that you either do not have the time nor the want to do.

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    chennai, tamil nadu, India

    affiliate ?

    You could put up an affiliate link in your website permanently since this sounds like a good idea.
    Chris, Senior Developer, Chrisranjana.com
    Php Programmers

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