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Thread: New to JAVA please help

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    New to JAVA please help

    I'm not sure if this is the forum but hopefully someone can reply to my problem. I am new to creating .cmd and .vbs files and have been teaching myself for the past 2 days and can't figure this one out.
    I want to launch a JAVA script within a .cmd file so I can add a printer on a remote workstation.
    Basically I have no idea on how to do this. I have found a script that I saved as a .vbs to add a printer on a local workstation but would like to amplify this so it works in this .cmd file.
    The code I have come up with is this, but it doesn't work:-
    @echo off
    echo Add Printer %2 on %1

    if {%1}=={} goto Syntax
    if {%2}=={} goto Syntax

    psexec \\%1 -i -d -s notepad

    Dim net
    Set net = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
    net.AddWindowsPrinterConnection "%2"

    Saveas \\%1\c$\temp\printer.vbs

    Launch \\%1\c$\temp\printer.vbs
    Del \\%1\c$\temp\printer.vbs

    echo Adds a printer on the target workstation
    echo Usage: Printer [Computername] [\\Server\Printer]

    This works up until psexec launches notepad on the remote workstation. Then I just get a errors. I know the saveas and the vbs code is wrong but you get the jist of what I want this to do.

    What I would like to know is how to add the Bold code to the notepad window that launched and then to save it on the workstation as a .vbs file, then launch it and then delete it. I think then I will be able to figure out the rest.

    Is this possible? Can I do this?
    Or is there another way?
    Any replies would be very helpfull...

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    the reason your code does not work for Java is because its anything but Java, please post your question in an appropriate forum...(.NET may be?)


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